Cancer Style

This is my tummy – thank you Mesothelioma for this fab new look!  My scar is about 12 inches long (it goes way down!) and I wear an ileostomy bag – cute floral leggings are by Joe Fresh!


When the bag is flat like this it is not so bad.  When it is full of liquid then it looks like I am pregnant – on one side only – with some small deformed alien child.  I usually have to empty the bag about 10-15 times a day.  Food goes right through me which makes it difficult to keep nutrients and maintain energy.  I change the bag every five days, usually taking a shower so that my stoma, Ron, gets to enjoy a nice spa experience – it makes him very happy.  The trick to changing your bag is timing – u want the least amount of “output” as possible.  Last week I was exhausted and changed my bag at the wrong time – after eating.  So Ron erupted volcano-style, burning my skin with acidic waste.  Did I mention how glamorous my life is?!