Brain Shenanigans

You know you have Mesothelioma when having a brain aneurysm is low on your list of things to worry about.  LOL.

Last week I totally forgot that I had a brain scan scheduled to see if my aneurysm had grown.  My brain aneurysm was discovered accidentally while I was in the hospital last year being treated for Peritoneal Mesothelioma.  At the time, I remember my Oncologist coming over to my bedside and saying “okay, this is going to sound worse than it is, but you have a brain aneurysm.”  I actually laughed, because what else could I do?  It seemed completely insane.

I am lucky enough to be seeing one of Toronto’s top Neurologists who also happens to be super Euro-Chic and wears the most gorgeous Italian loafers.  In his lovely accent nothing sounds too scary.  If we find out that the aneurysm has grown, then I will have to get a procedure called “coiling,” which for some reason makes me think of 80’s permed hair.  Although it’s ridiculous, I like the idea that the doctor who will be putting metal coils in my brain is a sharp dresser.  Platinum please.


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