Cancer Style

This is my tummy – thank you Mesothelioma for this fab new look!  My scar is about 12 inches long (it goes way down!) and I wear an ileostomy bag – cute floral leggings are by Joe Fresh!


When the bag is flat like this it is not so bad.  When it is full of liquid then it looks like I am pregnant – on one side only – with some small deformed alien child.  I usually have to empty the bag about 10-15 times a day.  Food goes right through me which makes it difficult to keep nutrients and maintain energy.  I change the bag every five days, usually taking a shower so that my stoma, Ron, gets to enjoy a nice spa experience – it makes him very happy.  The trick to changing your bag is timing – u want the least amount of “output” as possible.  Last week I was exhausted and changed my bag at the wrong time – after eating.  So Ron erupted volcano-style, burning my skin with acidic waste.  Did I mention how glamorous my life is?!



3 thoughts on “Cancer Style

  1. Why is the scar bumpy Cancer dame? I know you used bio-oil. At first I thought the stoma bag was a lilac flower fashion accessory. Sincerely, MAHB


  2. Thank you for expressing what many feel but are inarticulate about expressing. Living with Meso, even as a caregiver, the quality of your day is measured by the amount of laughter compared to tears. Your writing elicits both! Quite cathartic! Fuckity fuck fuck just might become my new ” prayer mantra” . You are a Meso Goddess! Paying homage with sincere gratitude!!! Haven’t laughed this hard in ages, my husband had me read it out loud. Mighty Goddess of Meso you offer your fellow warriors courage , laughter and a healthy dose of reality. Blessings. Beth


    • Thank you so much Beth! How is your husband doing? Being a caregiver must be emotionally draining for you. This disease is wretched! Are you part of the private Facebook Mesothelioma page? I can’t remember – ever since my treatment my memory has vanished, I feel like I have dementia! Fun times! Let me know if u want info about the Meso group, it is very supportive.🌟😀


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